Why Are You “Here?”

   The life that you find yourself with is the life that you have “chosen;” even if in ways in which you do not presently understand. The experiences and conditions of your life are of your own “creation.”
   You create your own reality by way of “translating” your life energy into your own thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc. This is by way of your own dreams, hopes, wishes, intents, expectations, doubts, fears, insecurities, successes, failures, and all the rest of what is humanly possible. These things “direct the processes” by which the conditions and experiences of your life come about.
   The actual “mechanics” are unconscious; however, they operate directly in line with your beliefs about what you believe yourself to be, and how you perceive the world around you. There is a “part of you” that knew how to grow you from an infant into an adult. This “part of you” knows how to heal you if you are hurt or injured. This “part of you” knows why you are here.
   This “part of you” is the power that helps form your life, and it follows the “directions” you give to it, by way of the “things” I have mentioned previously. Let me say it another way. The “mechanics” of these “processes” are unconscious, but their “direction by you” is not. Perhaps this may give you some insight into just what it is I am trying to convey to you.
    In the seemingly insignificant choices that are made by you on a daily basis, moment-by-moment throughout your lifetime, you “form your life.” You focus your mind on what you know to be true about yourself and the world around you; then “part of you listens” and brings this about for you – without qualification, in its closest approximation. Remember that this last part is unconscious, as far as you are concerned, but not the first part.
The living of your life brings lessons to bear in it that contribute to the growth and understanding of not only you, but also of every other soul you meet during your life. Aside from the “core of your being” or if you prefer your “essence,” no one is “keeping score” but you. You will answer to this “part of yourself,” in your own time, and in your own way. This “part of you” does not accept excuses, for this “part of you” perceives without distortion.
   There is a “part of you” that knows all you do, and have ever done. Please understand that for the purposes of simple communication, I am speaking as if there is some imaginary line drawn between where you and this “part of you” exist, but there is no such line. Know that there are no arbitrary divisions within you. I speak of them only as a convenience in communicating with you.
   Your “greater self” from which you “emerged or grew” is just as much a “part of you” right now, as your own very thoughts and feelings. All of your being is spiritual; not just the parts that I seem to differentiate for purposes of discussion.
   To consider the “higher planes of existence” is just as spiritual of an experience as that of having a bowel movement; (please forgive me if that seems too graphic or disgusting, but I am trying to clarify a point as significantly as possible.) One more thing I need to clarify about the “teachings” you are about to consider in this publication, is that not only does everyone have his or her own ideas about physical life, but that of the “larger picture” as well.
   Therefore, there are many, many “teachings” available to any given individual to help him or her understand it all. In fact, sometimes, the teachings that are accepted by the individual are nothing more than that which serves a good purpose at the particular time in the individual’s life. It is that which helps them get to the “next point of development” in their soul’s evolution.
   Therefore, as the individual questions and validates for themselves the usefulness of the particular spiritual “teaching” –and they should- they may find that it is time one day to move on to the next “teaching.” As the particular individual grows and develops, their understanding of their perceptions will lead them where it is they need to be with all of this.
   Since spiritual teachings are interpretations in the attempt to try to explain the “larger picture,” it is no wonder that they are different or that they too change. For this reason, please do try to find a way to become tolerant of the religious or spiritual beliefs that any given soul may choose to follow in their life at any given time. There are “teachers” and “teachings” available at all levels of the soul’s spiritual evolutionary path.
   The interpretations of these teachers will reflect these accordingly different. The only problem with any of this, is when any individual soul thinks that their way is the only truth, and that anyone else’s way is wrong. They believe that any way, which does not follow theirs, is wrong. This is not good work spiritually. But then, even here, we find “purpose;” if for no other reason than to learn the “lesson” that this “teaches.” However, most often, for these souls, this would not occur until AFTER their “death experience” and “beyond.”

Until next time,

Charles Stewart
(One “old soul” among many)

P.S. Is there anybody out there?



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