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Can You Help Me Out?

My life is so busy as of recent with the demands and responsibilities of “paying the bills,” “being a good spouse,” and “being a good parent,” that I find it very difficult to find time for working on “my heart’s desire” of “self-actualizing my dreams.”

This brings me to my question of you; do you have any “advice” for me on how you manage this aspect of your own life? I would appreciate very much hearing your “point of view.” You can post comment here, on my facebook account, or even email me.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Charles Stewart
(An “old soul” reaching out to you)

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The answer to this question is very significant; not only during your life, but “beyond.”

If I ask you about your past experiences, or your suspected future ones, of course you would have some thoughts or feelings about these experiences to share with others important to you. However, what is even more important than these past and future experiences, are your “present moments.”

I put “present moments” in quotations because what I am meaning is much more in “depth,” than would ordinarily be apparent “on the surface.” Now it is true that you cannot physically go back to those “past experiences,” but, if you could, all you would find would be the “present moments,” or if you will, “the now moment.”

It is also true that you cannot physically be in your future moments yet, however, if you could, you would only find more of your “now moment.” Even after we die, when we think death is real and permanent, we find that we very much continue to exist very much “alive” in our “spacious now moment.”

Therefore, when one waits until “tomorrow” to work developmentally towards the achievement of their goals; “tomorrow” never comes. Instead, we only find more of our “now moment.” The pursuit of that which we desire to achieve, is never ending; both while “alive,” and after “death.”

With this understood, to make better use of our “now moments,” it is the key to finding our “greatest tool” to help us achieve our goals in life. Sometimes the usage of this tool will not look like much from the “outside,” while “inside,” much can be going on.

Treat yourself (and others) with the respect deserved. Don’t arbitrarily “force the issue;” sometimes the achievement of your goals will “play-out” differently than the “vision” you have in your head initially. Find some way to trust this process. You need only to examine the Biography of anyone who has achieved greatness in life to validate the legitimacy of this.

Your present moments are your “point of personal power;” use them wisely. Trust and honor the process of your life’s “becoming.”

One day, this will be the story you tell others to inspire and motivate them to achieve greatness also…

Enjoy the changes coming into your life,

Charles Stewart

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Almost everyone has a clear idea of what the manifestation of their dreams might look like; and even those who do not, have a clear idea of what it does NOT.

Oftentimes, the real question becomes; “How long does it take?” It is here on this note that I wish to share a few ideas with you.

What if there was indeed a way to “fast-track” the manifestation of your dreams? Please understand I am not talking about those “methodologies” which “promise much and deliver little,” or “create hype” which “paints pictures too good to be true,” and on and on and on…

Just suppose for a moment that whatever it is that you find of importance to you right now is indeed that which you need to put your best efforts into? And, what if you find out that where this leads you, takes you somewhere different than you intended to go?

Would you perceive this as “failure?” And, even if it is, is that a bad thing? When you get right down to the “nitty-gritty” of successful ventures, they are quite often preceded or “guided” by the failure of “what has gone before,” in the pursuit of that which you seek to bring about in your life.

What if you looked back over your life after it was over, and learned that the journey along the way of bringing about the manifestation of what was important to you, was actually impeded by your own “interference” with the “process?”

To take it a step further, what if this “interference” was caused by your own doubts, fears, and insecurities? And these all came about because of ideas you have in your head about “how long it is supposed to take,” or “what it is supposed to ‘look like’ along the journey,” or even, “your allowance of the ‘outside picture’ to dictate whose or which way is the correct one to follow?”

With that said and considered, what “changes” would you make to “fast-track” your own success? Would you allow yourself to “trust your own direction?” Let me say that another way; would you find a way to “trust in the process?” Would you find a way to “enjoy the journey” along the way to the manifestation of your dreams, knowing that it would come when you were “ready for it”?

When one gives their “power” to the “outside picture” of their life, they are not serving themselves best for the realization of their dreams; I do not know how to say it more plainly than that. The problem or “challenge” is that many will not attempt to understand that their “rationalizations” as to “what is needed” or “why it is not happening” are actually excellent examples of the preceding sentence.

Yes, you may need “tools” to help you achieve your goals, but what if some of your greatest assistance and guidance was not in the “outside picture?” Does this suggest anything to you?

Trust in your own direction. Trust in the integrity of your own being, and then find a way to trust and empower others in their “journeys to get what they want,” while staying true to yourself first…

No one has within them what you do; your special abilities and gifts are your own. They are unique and like no other. Find a way to share them with the world around you.

Use the power of your “present moment” or your “now,” in as positive and constructive as a way possible during your lifetime, because if you do not, when your life is “over and done,” you will find that in many ways this is all you have ever had to work with; what “lessons” will you teach yourself then? Why wait?

Enjoy the changes coming into your life,

~ Charles Stewart

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When you were born, your life had “unlimited promise and potential.” What is it that changes this over the course of your life? Is it something in the “outside picture,” or, is it something within us which perceives and interprets that “outside picture?”
~ Charles Stewart

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If this is a true statement for you in your life right now, consider this; what if the problematic difficulties you are currently experiencing are actually “challenges” meant to “take you someplace new?”

What if this “someplace new” is actually quite wonderful and fulfilling for you in all ways?

What if what you are experiencing in your life right now, are those experiences necessary to “prepare the soil” from which your greatest accomplishments are “soon to grow?”

What if the experiences you find yourself having right now were never “meant” to have you perceive and interpret them in “difficult ways,” but you choose to do so anyway? Does this suggest anything to you?

I’m quite sure you can appreciate that concentrating upon “lack and difficulty” is not “good for you.” However, what if all it took to get you to the “place you are seeking,” was to try to do what you will actually be doing when you “arrive at where you are going?”

Again, I’m quite sure you would agree with me that if you already had what you are trying to bring about in your life (whatever that might be,) that you then would not be “spending your energy” focusing upon “lack and difficulty” at that time.

Quite the contrary, you would then be using your energy very differently by “enjoying” your life more on a daily basis as you “playfully imagined” what you wanted to do and where you wanted to go with the “success” in your life; as it (the “success”,) continued to get better and better every day of your life.

Now consider this; what if the differences in these two life-scenarios “operated by the same rules?”  By this, I am meaning that what if the “continued success” happened because of how you “spent your energy,” rather than that it could happen because of its “arrival” in your life?

Many times in the human condition, we find those souls who (for whatever reason) have “difficult periods” in their lives, and then instead of using those experiences to challenge themselves to “break out” of the limitations of the “old life,” they actually begin to concentrate upon what is “wrong” and what is “lacking,” even to the point of doubting their own abilities and potentials.  You can intuitively see for yourself where this might “end up.”

Find a way (any way) to feel good about who you are right now, and the gifts you have within you to “use” the “lack and difficulty” in your life “to create” the life experiences you were meant to have…and then share “your story” with others.What you have presently in your life did not come about “overnight;” and neither will its changes. Trust in the creativity of your being to “show you the way…”

The way to “do,” is to “be.”

~ Charles Stewart

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