All over the world, at this very moment, billions of human beings are “doing their thing.” As I think about this, I wonder; what’s this life for?

Realize that how you answer this question for yourself is not only indicative of the life you will live, but also of your own “death experience” and “beyond” as well.

What if you knew that how you answered this question for yourself would define the very potential of your life’s possibilities? What if you lived your life as if you would have after having gained the knowledge from “reviewing” your life after it was over? How the life you had was the one you “created,” and how it “impacted” others’ lives? Would this make a difference in the daily choices you make now? Why?

Know that there is a part of you which was born “knowing” the part of the world you were born into was “ready” for you to come into it. You were to come here and grow into your “most realized self;” irrespective of whether or not you were conscious of this “process” or not. You were, and still are, to “grow your own value fulfillment.”

When we are first born into a family, it is necessary that the “bio-computer” be “programmed,” so as to be able to “function in the world.” This does not mean that the early ideas given to us are the only ones there are to run our “program” throughout our lives. No, we are indeed “meant to grow” our ideas of ourselves and the world around us. Well, that is if we are to achieve self-actualization.

Self-actualization means becoming more and more, who and what you truly are inside, as separate and apart from who you were “raised to be.” Your ideas in your head –the ones which run your “program”- have to grow and evolve if you are to become the best you that you can be; and this is irrespective of whether or not this is conscious knowledge.

There is someone special in your life; someone who wants to see you succeed. And, this person has an inexhaustible creativity, as well as access to unlimited resources to bring to bear at helping you to achieve whatever it is that is important to you.

You already know this person in your life, although you may fully recognize them for who they truly are. It’s almost as if you may have taken this person for granted; however, you can change this…

Go look in the mirror and remind yourself of just who it actually is who holds the “key” to your greatest accomplishments, AND who is your greatest source of assistance while here on the physical plane.

Do something TODAY to honor yourself as you work on becoming the best version of you that you can become.

A “single step” forward is all it takes to pay tribute to this new day in your life. Remember, it has been said before that “the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.”

Does this suggest anything to you?

Until next time,

Charles Stewart

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