If you have ever been approached or presented with a “MLM/Network Marketing Opportunity,” then you know how “gifted” some of these people are at marketing their “sales pitch.” Some of you may have even learned this lesson “the hard way.”

In fact, sometimes, these “opportunities” sound almost “too good to be true…”  Oftentimes, it is at this point, most anyone will wonder if this “opportunity” is truly legitimate or not.

How can you validate the legitimacy of this opportunity? How can you know if this is worth your while? How can you “get all the facts” upon which to base your decision? (An example of this can be seen in a decision made from a space of perception, instead of a decision made from a space of emotional reaction.)  

Great questions! However, before I answer these questions, bear this in mind; no matter what the industry or profession (even that outside of mlm/network marketing,) ANYONE CAN BE “SCAMMED.” Whether this happens or not, the legitimacy of the industry or profession may still stand true, even if you experience the “bad part” of it.

Know that many very gifted marketers “prey” upon your “emotionalism” and “excitement” by separating your from your money before the “realism of actuality” sets in, and the “emotionalism” and “excitement” fade away. I will not get into the many different ways in which they do this, however, in all cases, “time is of the essence;” as they will never tell you to “take your time” with your decision.

Your personal challenge in all of this is to find the opportunity that “fits you,” and not the other-way-around. It goes without saying that I am not meaning by that statement that you will not have to “labor for your goal,” however, I do mean to suggest that there are those “opportunities” which are very misleading in the ways in which they are presented or marketed to you.

To continue, it is oftentimes only AFTER you are separated from your money, that you learn the “truth” about the “opportunity” you’ve joined, as you eventually learn the lesson very clearly of their “business model…”

Is there another way? Is there some way for YOU to learn the “true picture” BEFORE you invest your hard-earned time and money with a mlm/network marketing company? The answer is yes; give me your money and I will tell you the answer (just kidding :-),) I wanted to get your full attention…

Open your internet browser and utilize your favorite search engine to help yourself answer this question. Simply put; type in the name of the company or business opportunity and after these terms add the word “scam” (make sure it is in quotations.)

I do not mean to suggest that any results gained from this method are the “only truth” involved here; otherwise, you are only focusing upon the other side of the “equation.” No. What I am meaning for you to get from this type of inquiry, is the experiences of those who would be considered “critics” to this company or “opportunity.”

When you are able to get Information from “both sides of this equation,” it will indeed help you to “find the truth for you.” Listen to your gut. Listen to your intuitive mind. Listen to your intellectual mind. Listen to your heart. When you bring all these “resources” together “in concert” with one another, you will find that which “resonates” to “something deep within you.” Follow this; it is your “guide.”

Take your time. Slow down. Ponder it over.  Do whatever it takes to get all the information you require to makes your best informed decision from a space of “perception.” This is the answer you are looking for. Your greatest source of assistance is within you, within your own soul which is eternal.

I am aware this information will piss off some mlm/network marketers out there trying to separate you from your money. I am also aware that there is truly no conflict between creating wealth in your life in such a way as to help others, and, in that which is “necessary” for the “evolution of your own soul…”)
However, there are those who will strongly disagree with me; does this suggest anything to you?
What do you choose?

Enjoy the changes coming into your life,

Charles Stewart
firstcharlesstewart (Skype)

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