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If you’ve read this before, it warrants reading again due to its very valuable nature.

The “5th Pillar” in a successful and competent mlm/network marketing company is a “proven duplicable system.” Without this 5th pillar operating, there is simply no way to build your mlm/network marketing business large scale, and walk away to retire from it one day; and this is what the promise of mlm/network marketing is all about.

In fact, if you ever take a vacation, or get sick, your business will stop growing and producing until you return. No matter how many distributors you sponsor into your business, if they cannot duplicate what you are doing, they will never become successful for themselves, or you. What kind of future does your business have then?

I mean really, you could be the greatest “salesman” that has ever lived on this planet; one who could “sell the keys to someone for their own car” without them ever realizing what actually happened until afterwards. Or maybe you use your “gifts” in a more “appropriate manner;” one in which people keep returning to you again and again out of loyalty, because of the benefits they’ve received from you.

Great! You’ve got it! You’ve got the “gift.” And, because of all this, you make lots and lots of money. But wait, what’s the catch? Here it is; the first time, and every time, you try to teach someone how to do what you do (which is “second nature” for you,) they will say the words which are death for a mlm/network marketing company -> “I could never do that.”

In order for you to grow a huge and lasting mlm/network marketing business in which you can take an extended vacation from, a leave of absence from, or “the biggie,” to retire from one day, and still have your business growing and thriving, YOU MUST HAVE A PROVEN DUPLICATABLE SYSTEM in place to train your sponsored distributors.

The leads you generated, which you developed into prospects, and ultimately sponsored into your business, must all have the “final piece of the puzzle.” Your sponsored distributors must see, feel, and BELIEVE, that you can train them to become successful in this amazing industry, and specifically with your business opportunity.

There are many, many financial success stories in this amazing industry. Make sure you’re not investing your time, money, and effort with a direct sales, or mlm company which is only producing a one-time sale of “product” which is not “recurring” in nature. Yes, some do actually make “unbelievable” sums of money here, but there is “no future” in this; not the kind you are proud of to your family and loved ones, and which can secure their financial futures anyway.

“Direct sales” and “attraction marketing” can be used very wisely, and successfully in “concert” with one another, to grow a huge and successful mlm/network marketing business. However, you must not only have this “5th pillar” operating, you must have all “6 pillars” if you are to walk away from this business one day in your future, and have it take care of your family financially. In fact, this “lesson” could be one of the greatest you could ever teach your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren…

Charles Stewart
firstcharlesstewart (Skype)

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