Hello Everyone!

I wanted to ask this question of you because I’m curious to know if you are treating your life in a manner which is “respectful of your best wishes…”

Many individuals are lacking in the ongoing motivation necessary to keep them inspired to grow their best versions of themselves. How do you change this? And why is it important to do so?

No one will ever be satisfied with things always staying the way they are presently in their lives (and if they are, it is only a matter of time before this change occurs for them.) Sometimes, it can be difficult at best to try and bring realistic positive and constructive changes into your life; especially with something as major or life-altering as a career change. Somehow, someway, you must find that which helps you (in any way at all) to stay motivated to strive for betterment in your life.

If you fall into the trap of getting comfortable with things staying the way they are, be aware that you may be setting yourself up for having a life in which you find yourself reacting to the changes life brings you on its own terms; as opposed to a life in which you have a direct hand in creating the life-changes which you then choose to react to.  

If the difference between these two “life orientations” seem insignificant to you, then most likely, I am not talking to you; for those of you who do understand what it is I am trying to say, I will continue. There are so many different things one can do to bring about “motivation to strive,” that the words nearly forsake me now; however, I will try.

Improve the quality of a relationship important to you; whether intrapersonal or interpersonal. Exercise, “feed your mind,” satisfy your curiosity, enjoy time with your children (or significant other,) learn more about the area of interest you are interested in, listen to music, read, walk, explore, shop, work a hobby, spend time with a friend, clean and organize your home, I mean really, the list just goes on and on…

By doing these things, you will automatically free up a part of your conscious mind which will clearly come to your aid in your quest; whatever that may be. No matter who you are, and no matter what you choose to do with your life, there is something you have within you, which you must find a way to share with the world around you; for in many ways, this is why you are here.   

It is true that the “working out” of expressing this in your life may not be the time at present for it to “hatch in the world,” so to speak. However, it matters not, for it is the work that you choose to do moving forward in your life that is of the most importance here, not the “current state of affairs.” Everything you choose to do (or not to do) is part of all that is necessary for this quality of your own life to improve.

There is no special magic in my words here; it is not anything new, which has never been said before in countless ways, over and over again. However, it is my dearest hope that there is someone out there who is in a place in their life where they can find some value in receiving this material, in this way, and at this time.

The person’s help you need the most is your own. Yes, you may receive help from others in bringing about positive and constructive changes into your life; however, YOU are the deciding factor. Their help must “fit you,” it must “fit your vision”; it must be something which “feels good” and is a “natural development for you.”

It will be easier for you to grow in certain directions over others; find those directions and go to work on them. Even if a “mistake is made,” take heart and simply regard yourself as a “genius artist in the making.” The simplest task can reward you with the knowing that you are “self-actualizing.” When you experience it, you will know it; and that knowing will help guide you into the person you were meant to become.

I wish you all the best in your journey,

~ Charles Stewart



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