Hello Everyone!

I thought you might enjoy “the process of your own creative thought” on this one; find the answer to this question within you and work on bringing out of yourself what it is that is special about you. Some of you are already in tune with this, some of you are not, and some are “in between.”

The process of this journey for yourself is what is most important. It is not that which is ever done and finished; to coin a phrase, it is a “journey” and not a “destination.” Do not allow fear, doubt, worry, insecurity, etc to guide you in this journey, for those “lessons” are not needed unless you believe they are.

Instead, find YOUR WAY to feel good about who you are, and what you are doing in your life, as you become more and more “at one with your own knowing.” The rewards of living your life in this manner on a daily basis are beyond verbalization; doing “good” is its own reward, and the “ramifications” of what this will bring into your life are “life-altering” in the most beautiful and wonderful of ways.

Quite simply, you came here to share something you have within you with the world around you; by self-actualizing yourself, you improve the quality of life for all. So I ask you again “Why are you here?”

Enjoy the changes coming into your lives,

~ Charles Stewart


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