Greetings Everyone!
  Worry, fear, and doubt are not only detrimental to good health; they are also detrimental to the achievement of your life goals. Don’t forget that play is a very important component in personal growth and development, as well as your own fulfillment. Every individual human soul can sense the direction that they are most inclined, as inspiration or even flashes of insight will nudge them towards certain activities over others.
   It will be easier and more delightful to move and grow in certain directions over others. By looking at your own life, you can quite easily discern, or if you will, perceive in what area your abilities may lie. This is done by following the shape of your own impulses and inclinations.
  You cannot learn about yourself by studying what is expected of you by others – rather, it is done by asking yourself what you expect of yourself, and determining in what direction your abilities lie.
  Your beliefs are that which you form your life around. Beliefs are the strong ideas you hold within you about the nature of reality; they are reinforced by your imagination and emotions in various ways. And, since it is your beliefs that help bring about the reality that you will find yourself experiencing in life, then give some thought to the following:
   In the same way that a child will play at being an adult long before becoming one, you too can play with beliefs that are more desirable while you grow into that more beneficial picture. To start over or to change one’s beliefs about what is possible and what is not, is a very bold endeavor or task. Do not quit or give up just because sometimes you may become discouraged or disillusioned during the process.
   Do not be hard on yourself if whatever you attempt fails, because sometimes things you will attempt are actually doomed to fail. One reason for this is that there are times where you must first create the conditions from which your most successful creations will emerge.
  You are always in a state of becoming, because you are learning the art of self-actualization. You will draw to yourself in life, those very qualities upon which you choose to concentrate your attention. Remember that in negative situations in life, it is more your own emotions and perceptions that are the issue, and not the circumstances that seem to bring these things about.
  The experiences of your life are not thrust upon you by any outside force or agency. Instead, they are formed faithfully according to your own emotions and beliefs. Sometimes in life, knowing which direction is not you, is as good as knowing which direction is you. All experiences can and will be used by you to your eventual advantage during your lifetime and “beyond.”
  It is simply not possible to choose not doing something with your life. For example, a choice to stay home in bed and not do anything is still a choice to do just that. It is your choices that bring about the experiences you will have in your life.
  If the experiences you find yourself in are unsatisfactory, realize that it was choice that got you where you are, and it is choice that will get you out. To feel overwhelmed or burdened by choice does not serve you well; for it is choice that is the solution to your problems.
   To be most satisfied (and successful) with whatever is chosen to be focused upon in your life, it almost becomes necessary for you to try to become more aware of the beliefs that you do hold within your own psychological make-up.
  For instance, some people are highly motivated or creatively driven to achieve or accomplish something in their life, while at the same time, more or less, they also believe that it is not good to make themselves too exposed,  known, or to draw attention to themselves excessively. Therefore, to express their abilities or ideas is not encouraged. In these cases, the individual is operating at cross-purposes with themselves, and this can manifest in many different ways, not so good; all the while wondering why their life is dissatisfactory.
   Sometimes the beliefs that one holds are not perceived as being about reality, but rather, as being actual conditions of reality. The realization of this distinction is of great use in helping to achieve self-actualization during the lifetime.
  When the mind begins to realize the directing influence it has upon the experiences in the life, amazing and beneficial changes can start to occur. Does this suggest anything to you?

Enjoy the changes coming into your life,
~ Charles Stewart

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