Greetings Everyone!

There are those in life who wish or desire for things to be different in a better way.  These particular individuals know very clearly the limitations or dissatisfactions of the reality they face every single day of their lives.

What these same individuals are often not aware of is that what they see as “reality,” is actually something which has come about because of their own creation, over time, “directed” by the ideas they have within their own psychological and emotional makeup. Day by day, small seemingly insignificant choices “build up over time” into the experiences they now perceive as reality.     

Try as one might, often you would never convince them that their “beliefs about reality” are actually playing a very significant role in helping cause that reality they perceive. Until this basic concept can be accepted, then they are forever at the mercy of their life’s experiences happening to them of their own accord. They think reality is first, and then their ideas come second; to change this is the key.

Change does not come about “overnight.” It is a gradual process over time which grows you to the reality you will “now experience.” Your reality also involves the reality of others around you, so you are not alone in this creation; except for your “personal version” of it.

Until one can consider the possibility of “the ideas coming first” and then “the experiences follow,” they will continue to perceive and interpret a reality which exists independent of their personal involvement.

Even as one makes changes to the ideas which they hold to be true, the “old life” will take time to change into the “new life.” Also, where there is “overlap” between the two, disorientation can occur; however, stay the course, for in time the “wisdom” in your life changes will begin to show themselves. As the mind becomes more aware of its “directing influence” upon your life, amazing things can occur.

To grow one’s ideas of changing their life for the better, is to “remove the security blanket” of their old established life. When one steps outside of their “comfort zone,” it does indeed stretch them developmentally; and this is not a comfortable place to be. However, we all know the wisdom in growing and developing a human being beyond its “childhood.” In many ways, this is no different for the “seasoned life veteran.”

When one is absolutely convinced that their present life reality is “all there is,” then know that you are looking at one who is not working with the basic nature of their being; how this can “play out” is as varied as there are souls on our planet.  However, it is clear that until these individuals choose to change their thinking, they will then slowly begin the process of a life “which becomes less and less over time.”

It does not have to be this way. Be kind to yourself and to others as you choose every single day to do something to grow yourself developmentally; no matter how small or insignificant. Find a reason to feel good and deserving of good changes to come into your life over time; it is your “birth right.”

The greatest thing you can do with your life is to share it with others. You came here to this lifetime you know as your own, to find a way to express the gifts you have within you; when you do this, you will not only feel good, you will be rewarded, and you will making the world a better place to live in for us all.

What is it about you that is special? If you do not know, find it out; it is within you. Find a way to start developing this method of your expression. Over time, the wisdom of all this will become increasingly clearer to you. The world is waiting and in need of what you have within you to share; what does it take to get this message through to you???

 ~ Charles Stewart

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