On one end of the spectrum, we have those souls who are chasing their business success, while neglecting their spiritual being. For these souls we wonder; will there be any regrets at the end of their lives?

On the other end of the spectrum, we have those souls who are expressing their spirituality, and feeling good for not “getting caught up in materialism.” However, sometimes there is that within them which wonders, why there should be a problem with material success?

Are these two worlds incompatible? It is this subject matter which will be the purpose of this article.

Young souls chase materialism, while older souls pursue spiritual matters; what if each learned they could actually be benefitted and enriched from both?

I’m quite sure you can understand the concept of “what goes around, comes around,”  “as you sow, you reap,” or any other such expression. The “rules in life” work the same either way. If one concentrates upon difficulty, insecurity, and lack, these will increase in number. If one concentrates upon joy, security, and abundance, these will increase in the life.

It serves no good purpose to say that your senses will show you a different picture than what you may hold in mind; for if the desired reality was already here, there would be no reason to create or develop it; would there?

You are more than what you think yourself to be. No matter how you regard yourself beyond the parameters of your current physical self, you are indeed much more than you know. When you only concentrate upon the physical, you cut yourself off from part of what you can benefit from. When you concentrate only upon the spiritual, the reverse is true.

If you could find a way to bring more of your “whole-self” into that which you work upon daily in your lives, you would find that your life has a great deal to teach you about your “whole-self.” And of course, I mean this in only the best of ways for you.

When you deny parts of yourself, you will only meet others in life, which do the same; even if you do not see this, or you are unaware of it. Never compare where you are at in your life to others, for you may have no realistic idea of just what has gone on in their lives before “your perceptions entered the picture.”

I am not saying not to benefit from the teachings of others, I am saying do not be “hard on yourself,” for not being at someplace you determine you would like to be “right now.” Find a way to feel good as you can for the “process of your life’s work you are currently involved with.”

  It is futile to compare yourself to others, for in so doing you try to emulate qualities that are theirs and not yours. This only serves to deny the vision of your own miraculous being. Once you start doing this, there is no end to it. You will always find someone who is more talented than you are in some way, and so you will continue to be dissatisfied.

 Instead, working with your own beliefs, take it for granted that your life is important; begin with it where you are right now. Do not deride yourself because you have not yet reached some “great ideal.” Rather, use those talents that you do have to the best of your ability, knowing that in them lies your own individual fulfillment. Any help that you give to others will come through the creative utilization of your own characteristics and no one else’s.

For the more spiritually minded of you, money is not a bad thing; it is merely a resource which can be used to great benefit in your life. There is no end to how “material success” can be used to perpetuate your positive and constructive influence in the world.

For the more “materially oriented” of you, do not underestimate the power that spirituality can bring into “increasing your bottom line.” The connections with others this causes you, brings a “customer loyalty” and “warm market mentality” like you cannot imagine.

 You can choose to project your problems or abilities outward onto others, or into other “avenues of activity.” However, until you realize that you form your reality and that your power resides in your present moments, you will not be able to solve your problems, nor utilize your strengths properly.

One small example; if you are poor and are trying to maintain a new belief system in abundance, give away some small amount of money (or in whatever manner suits you) act as if you have more than you actually do. You must show yourself that you are willing to accept a change, by responding to your new beliefs in such a way as to neurologically “get the message across.”

Since your conscious beliefs determine those unconscious functions that bring about your personal experience, your first step is to enlarge those beliefs. Whatever talents you sense you have, can only be developed if you are determined to do so. The simple act of decision will automatically activate “unconscious mechanisms.”

 You must consciously seize the direction for your own life. When you alter your conscious beliefs through determined effort, then a period of time is necessary while your neurological structure learns to adjust itself to the new preferred situation. The “intensity” of your desire will help bring the desired experiences to you.

 By “intensity,” I do not mean anything at all to do with feelings, or emotional energy -per se- but more a matter of getting to the point where you “know” that the experience is indeed “near at hand” in a matter-of-fact-way. As you concentrate upon what you want, feel no conflict between what you have and what you desire. One does not contradict the other; each is seen as a reflection of belief in daily life – that is all.
And yes, it took time to build the “old picture,” and so now, it will be the same again. It will take time to build the “new picture.”  Concentration upon the old picture while fearing the non-manifestation of the new picture, will of course, not serve you well.

 Now, it is true that as you change your belief system, it may bring you unexpected and uneasy interactions with some others to whom you regularly relate. For instance, whether it is a family member, close friend, associate, or even a social group you belong to, as you change your belief system, it will be “uncomfortable” to them, to say the least.

 Even if they do not know why, they will sense that you are “different somehow.” You will not be playing the same “game” and/or “part” anymore. You are moving in a new direction now, and they may not want to follow you, or are not sure how to. No matter If you choose to “move on,” or if they do (in either case,) there will be others who come into your life to “take their place.”

 Someone new will play the role for them that you used to, and as for you, the sense of “loss” will be compensated for by those who “appreciate” what you are trying to become, as they newly come into your life. Do not underestimate the significance this impact can have on your life; intimate behavior and social interactions are both deeply affected by this. Still, through it all, you must be what you can become.This is why you are here. Any determined change of direction on your part is felt by others, and they will react in their own fashions. You are setting out to experience the most fulfilled reality that you can. Even though you may want others to change, it is yourself that you must change, not them; this is the only way that change will be effected. Some will understand and support what you are attempting to do.

 However, know that there will be those who “need” the old framework, and someone (if not you) to play the part you played before. Do not allow this to hold you back from being what you can become, as there are others who are “waiting for you to interact with them.” As a metaphor, think here of the music in a scale. As you move up the scale to a new “octave,” there will be others who will add to add to your “melody.”

There is so much more here to share, but I will stop for now. I encourage you to challenge yourself to grow in a new way which incorporates your “whole-self,” (meaning your “material side” and your “spiritual side.”)

Enjoy the changes coming into your life,

Charles Stewart


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