Right up front let me ask you to “please bear with me,” as this gets deep and is lengthy, but it is well-worth the “journey.”

Many souls are familiar with the expression “you create your own reality.” However, the manner in which this works is often much more involved than most will give any additional thought to.

Consider that how you use your energy on a daily basis throughout your life (e.g. your thoughts, feelings, and emotions, which drive your actions) are directly connected to those experiences in your life you will find yourself having.

Since there are as many ways to explain this as there are souls present on our planet at any given time, we’ll consider one more.

Many souls actually believe there is some “outside force” or “agency” which directs the process of your life, however, what if this was not actually true? What if you found out after you died (and had the experience of your particularly believed in eternity, if “necessary”) that there was a “much larger part of yourself” of which your physical existence was just one particularly cherished expression of?

To continue, what if you further found out that “on that level,” there was truly no “positive” or “negative,” but rather there was “experience”; how you chose to perceive and interpret that experience is what gave it its “positive” or “negative” definition?

Now right here I must clarify that it goes without saying that of course you as a human soul cannot “interfere” with the life choices of another for your gain and their “harm,” or there will be a responsibility and accountability which you yourself must bear; not to any “outside force” or “agency” but to “you.” I put you in quotations because I am meaning this in a way which “transcends” the scope of your one individual physical existence you know of as yourself.

Once again, please bear with me if this gets too deep for you; hang in there, for there is much “you” may benefit from should you choose to “bridge the gap” between what you know to be true now, and the reality of your “larger self” or “whole self,” for lack of a better expression.

What if you found out that every single human lifetime was equally valid and important, no matter how the personality chose to experience that life; whether or not they chose to live the life in “harmony” with the world around it or “not?”

Furthermore, what if it was the “god” within you which “keeps the record” of your life? What if it is from this part of you (the “god” part) that “you” choose to take the responsibility and accountability for the choices made during the lifetime’s existence? What if the “lifetime’s parameters” were “set up” ahead of time for the newly grown soul (“you again”) to “fill out any gaps of ignorance” through the experiences of love and understanding; however, once the life began new, the “whole matter” was turned over to the soul living the lifetime to allow for “free will?”

This suggests that the new existence grown (“you”) could choose to NOT live the life in harmony with what was “chosen” by the “larger self” or “whole self”; however, it is also true that “you” could choose TO LIVE that same life in harmony with what was “chosen before.”

I must apologize to you here for not having the time and space now to more fully clarify this whole matter as I attempt to describe it to you; however, the insights will come to you if will “give it some thought.”

If there is any truth at all to this of which I have been speaking to you, it becomes possible to perceive the “inner connection” between any human beings life and the experiences they find themselves having. If any human being finds themselves in life conditions which “appear” to be unchangeable, this suggests they do have the possibility of learning from those life experiences in such a way as to “evolve beyond them.”

To become “close-minded” with conceptual understandings of ideas encompassing “what you sow, you will reap,” or “what goes around, comes around,” or even “karma,” WITHOUT ALSO REALIZING that the “payback” is a “quality measurement” and not a “quantity measurement,” is to NOT serve yourself in a manner which is becoming to you.

To understand this in another way; you are not at the mercy of “past acts” for which you are destined to be “less” because of it. No, not at all, instead, it is hoped that through the experiences of love that the soul can transcend the “difficulties” by filling in the previous “gaps of ignorance” in their “understanding”; and then these lessons are theirs for all of eternity.

In summary, what is most important to me that you understand from this article is that the power to change your life AND how that impacts others, lies within you; within your own soul which is eternal. All human beings learn their lessons through the CHOICES they make throughout the life; whether or not they benefit from this during the lifetime or after, is “up to them.”

How do you spend your energy?

~ Charles Stewart