The answer to this question is very significant; not only during your life, but “beyond.”

If I ask you about your past experiences, or your suspected future ones, of course you would have some thoughts or feelings about these experiences to share with others important to you. However, what is even more important than these past and future experiences, are your “present moments.”

I put “present moments” in quotations because what I am meaning is much more in “depth,” than would ordinarily be apparent “on the surface.” Now it is true that you cannot physically go back to those “past experiences,” but, if you could, all you would find would be the “present moments,” or if you will, “the now moment.”

It is also true that you cannot physically be in your future moments yet, however, if you could, you would only find more of your “now moment.” Even after we die, when we think death is real and permanent, we find that we very much continue to exist very much “alive” in our “spacious now moment.”

Therefore, when one waits until “tomorrow” to work developmentally towards the achievement of their goals; “tomorrow” never comes. Instead, we only find more of our “now moment.” The pursuit of that which we desire to achieve, is never ending; both while “alive,” and after “death.”

With this understood, to make better use of our “now moments,” it is the key to finding our “greatest tool” to help us achieve our goals in life. Sometimes the usage of this tool will not look like much from the “outside,” while “inside,” much can be going on.

Treat yourself (and others) with the respect deserved. Don’t arbitrarily “force the issue;” sometimes the achievement of your goals will “play-out” differently than the “vision” you have in your head initially. Find some way to trust this process. You need only to examine the Biography of anyone who has achieved greatness in life to validate the legitimacy of this.

Your present moments are your “point of personal power;” use them wisely. Trust and honor the process of your life’s “becoming.”

One day, this will be the story you tell others to inspire and motivate them to achieve greatness also…

Enjoy the changes coming into your life,

Charles Stewart

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