Almost everyone has a clear idea of what the manifestation of their dreams might look like; and even those who do not, have a clear idea of what it does NOT.

Oftentimes, the real question becomes; “How long does it take?” It is here on this note that I wish to share a few ideas with you.

What if there was indeed a way to “fast-track” the manifestation of your dreams? Please understand I am not talking about those “methodologies” which “promise much and deliver little,” or “create hype” which “paints pictures too good to be true,” and on and on and on…

Just suppose for a moment that whatever it is that you find of importance to you right now is indeed that which you need to put your best efforts into? And, what if you find out that where this leads you, takes you somewhere different than you intended to go?

Would you perceive this as “failure?” And, even if it is, is that a bad thing? When you get right down to the “nitty-gritty” of successful ventures, they are quite often preceded or “guided” by the failure of “what has gone before,” in the pursuit of that which you seek to bring about in your life.

What if you looked back over your life after it was over, and learned that the journey along the way of bringing about the manifestation of what was important to you, was actually impeded by your own “interference” with the “process?”

To take it a step further, what if this “interference” was caused by your own doubts, fears, and insecurities? And these all came about because of ideas you have in your head about “how long it is supposed to take,” or “what it is supposed to ‘look like’ along the journey,” or even, “your allowance of the ‘outside picture’ to dictate whose or which way is the correct one to follow?”

With that said and considered, what “changes” would you make to “fast-track” your own success? Would you allow yourself to “trust your own direction?” Let me say that another way; would you find a way to “trust in the process?” Would you find a way to “enjoy the journey” along the way to the manifestation of your dreams, knowing that it would come when you were “ready for it”?

When one gives their “power” to the “outside picture” of their life, they are not serving themselves best for the realization of their dreams; I do not know how to say it more plainly than that. The problem or “challenge” is that many will not attempt to understand that their “rationalizations” as to “what is needed” or “why it is not happening” are actually excellent examples of the preceding sentence.

Yes, you may need “tools” to help you achieve your goals, but what if some of your greatest assistance and guidance was not in the “outside picture?” Does this suggest anything to you?

Trust in your own direction. Trust in the integrity of your own being, and then find a way to trust and empower others in their “journeys to get what they want,” while staying true to yourself first…

No one has within them what you do; your special abilities and gifts are your own. They are unique and like no other. Find a way to share them with the world around you.

Use the power of your “present moment” or your “now,” in as positive and constructive as a way possible during your lifetime, because if you do not, when your life is “over and done,” you will find that in many ways this is all you have ever had to work with; what “lessons” will you teach yourself then? Why wait?

Enjoy the changes coming into your life,

~ Charles Stewart

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