If this is a true statement for you in your life right now, consider this; what if the problematic difficulties you are currently experiencing are actually “challenges” meant to “take you someplace new?”

What if this “someplace new” is actually quite wonderful and fulfilling for you in all ways?

What if what you are experiencing in your life right now, are those experiences necessary to “prepare the soil” from which your greatest accomplishments are “soon to grow?”

What if the experiences you find yourself having right now were never “meant” to have you perceive and interpret them in “difficult ways,” but you choose to do so anyway? Does this suggest anything to you?

I’m quite sure you can appreciate that concentrating upon “lack and difficulty” is not “good for you.” However, what if all it took to get you to the “place you are seeking,” was to try to do what you will actually be doing when you “arrive at where you are going?”

Again, I’m quite sure you would agree with me that if you already had what you are trying to bring about in your life (whatever that might be,) that you then would not be “spending your energy” focusing upon “lack and difficulty” at that time.

Quite the contrary, you would then be using your energy very differently by “enjoying” your life more on a daily basis as you “playfully imagined” what you wanted to do and where you wanted to go with the “success” in your life; as it (the “success”,) continued to get better and better every day of your life.

Now consider this; what if the differences in these two life-scenarios “operated by the same rules?”  By this, I am meaning that what if the “continued success” happened because of how you “spent your energy,” rather than that it could happen because of its “arrival” in your life?

Many times in the human condition, we find those souls who (for whatever reason) have “difficult periods” in their lives, and then instead of using those experiences to challenge themselves to “break out” of the limitations of the “old life,” they actually begin to concentrate upon what is “wrong” and what is “lacking,” even to the point of doubting their own abilities and potentials.  You can intuitively see for yourself where this might “end up.”

Find a way (any way) to feel good about who you are right now, and the gifts you have within you to “use” the “lack and difficulty” in your life “to create” the life experiences you were meant to have…and then share “your story” with others.What you have presently in your life did not come about “overnight;” and neither will its changes. Trust in the creativity of your being to “show you the way…”

The way to “do,” is to “be.”

~ Charles Stewart



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