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In this blog post, I will be sharing with you my review of a most amazing book I just recently acquired and read. No matter how you apply this material’s “self-help;” personal, business, or what-have-you, there is much to be gained for all.

Before you pass judgment upon this blog post review, or of the book itself; please try to give it a chance with an open mind, before doing so. In return, I can almost guarantee that you will find something of value which will directly and indirectly bring benefit into your life. I say this in all honesty, because, this is precisely what happened to me.
At the end of this review, I will give you all the necessary contact information should you choose to obtain the publication.

The book’s title could have been entitled “Jesus Speaks,” for it shares the wisdom of this very great soul who was indeed physically present upon our planet at one time in our recorded history. However, the “official historical accounts” of this man’s life sometimes can and do vary greatly from the contents of this book.

I am not suggesting the historical accounts of this man’s life are wrong; I am merely suggesting that there is “more to the story” than most anyone is possibly aware of; that is all. I will leave the “determinations” of all this up to you.

Even for myself, when I started reading of this publication’s material, I initially “resisted it,” and for reasons of my own I didn’t quite understand fully. However, even here, we find a most excellent example of how something should not “automatically” be right or wrong based solely upon its source. If “something” comes to find a place deep within you which “resonates” to that which “speaks of truth,” then perhaps it may indeed be true for you…

For those of you who already “know” that there is a “continuation of consciousness” after “death,” which exists “independently” of any particular soul’s “belief system,” then you will find it much easier to accept the “truth” in this publication. For the rest of you, even if have a most difficult time of accepting the previous sentence, or even if you “know” it is “false,” there is still much of benefit in the material if you can find  a way to “give it a chance.”

For those of you who know of the “science” of “channeling,” then you can reach some insight into how this material might have come about. For those of you who don’t know anything at all about “channeling,” then just simply read and consider the material with an open and non-judgmental mind (if this is possible for you.) Either way, the love and the truth of some of this publication’s material will have a “profound effect” upon you with the power of its “healing effect;” if you will only give it a chance.

Let me ask you something; What if you found out (after you died) that some of the ideas you had lived your life by were actually causing the difficulties in your life? What if you also found out that there was the very real possibility of you learning about “such things” while you were alive, but you “closed your mind” to even the very mention of such things? Would you be interested in learning some of those answers? I’ll bet you would.

If this approach of mine is “too serious” or “too deep” for some of you, then take heart in the more simple power of love, and its healing effect it has on everything it touches. Anyone can relate to the good feelings and emotions in the joys of life that any human being can experience. The beauty and magic of our very young offspring, the natural beauty and magic of nature, the beauty and magic of one’s own creative abilities, or any other countless experiences which are humanly possible to have; they all bring good feeling and emotion into play. Anyone can relate on some level to the “power” and “healing effect” love has upon us all.

 I do not want to give away the “secrets” of this publication’s material; instead, I wish for each of you who choose to, to have your own journey through the material. The end of your journey through this material will indeed “change you” in ways in which you do not presently appreciate or understand. I must say that for a few of you, you may be very close to this level of love experience in your life; but even here, there is still much to gain. For the others of you, being exposed to the highest truth of love may cause some to “run and hide” or at the very least, feel “uncomfortable.”

However, know that anything which would cause you to feel and have any emotion at all, is due to your own reasons of how you will perceive and interpret anything in your own way. Just because something may be upsetting to you in life does not automatically mean that is how it was intended; it may be that was your own perception and interpretation of the matter that caused such a reaction.

In this publication, the “energy personality essence” of the man known as Jesus to us all, shares with us the experiences of those he personally knew during his lifetime. Each of their “personal stories” teaches us not only about Jesus and them, it also helps us to reach powerful insight into our own lives as well. Even though the world was very different back then, as compared to today, the “message” is the same. The power of truth and love at work in the life of a spiritual being having a human existence is still very much the same. To be clear, when I speak of a spiritual being having a physical existence, I speak of all human beings, not just the one known to us as Jesus. To Jesus, we were all God.

In the end, take the material for what you will (Is it actually Jesus speaking?  Are they actually his words? Is it true?  Is it false? Is it fantasy?)  No matter what you call it, perceive it, or interpret it as, the healing power of truth and love in this material stands on its own; the “lessons” in it are as applicable today as they were over 2,000 years ago…

Truth is the greatest good, and love is the highest truth…

The title of the book is “Walking Through Illusion.”
The author’s name is Betsy Otter Thompson.
The book is published through O Books ( ).
The date of publish is May 28th, 2010.
The book’s ISBN number is 978-1-84694-292-1
The author’s website is ( ).

Please do not hesitate to contact me or leave any comments here as well.

~ Charles Stewart

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