Know that there is that within you, which will attempt to cloud your perceptions and to distort the insights that you receive from within. This is fear at work. For those who are willing to endure the discomforts in the process of “honest self-assessment” which result in “behavioral changes” that lead to self-actualization; know that there are indeed benefits for all concerned, except perhaps for the negative individuals you will encounter.
    The willingness of an individual to question their perceptions of the surroundings that they find themselves in is a first step towards self-awareness. Questioning of these perceptions helps to bring insights to bear in the lessons of the life. The resulting comprehension or understanding becomes a very great asset, for it very much reduces the tendency of fear in the life.
   During stressful periods in the life, particularly while going through “major internal developmental milestones,” the fear will be significantly less. Now, I do not mean to imply that the stress will be non-existent. Rather, I do mean to say that the difficulty and upheaval will be considerably less with self-awareness and comprehension. This perhaps will show itself most clearly, where the potential for intimacy in the life exists. And by intimacy, I am meaning very close personal relationships; whether with self, or others.
  With self-awareness and the resultant comprehension, the tendency to “flee” or “reject” the experience of intimacy will be greatly reduced. Realize that occasionally this process of becoming more self-aware is very difficult; this is because of the shift in perspective for the life.  To those “negative ones” you come across in life, what you are becoming is unwelcome and threatening.
   If you do indeed shift your perspective in life, be aware that not everyone will greet you with open arms. Yet, through all of it, you must be what you can become. A loving acknowledgement of your own uniqueness will show you how to begin to use your own abilities and potentials in your own way, and to trust your present situation, whatever it may be.                                             
   You have not yet materialized your ideal self. It is more just the essence of a direction. Although, this direction can only be found by using what you have now, and to express as best you can, your own abilities and potentials through the opportunities of your present moments in your life.
  When you look to others for the answers to your overall life situations, you are denying your own abilities of self-understanding and growth. Begin where you are right now, and joyfully start to expand or develop those inherent or in-born characteristics and abilities that are your own, without expecting them to appear full-blown overnight.
  As you do this, you will be affirming or making known your own rightness in the universe, and because of this, you will easily and automatically cooperate with others as a part of your own nature. You, by being yourself, will help others be themselves.
   You will not find yourself jealous anymore of other’s talents that you do not possess, and so you can openheartedly encourage them in others. Because you do recognize your own uniqueness or individuality, you will not need to dominate others, nor shrink before them. You must begin to trust yourself, with all that implies. For if you do not, you will forever be looking to others to prove your own merit or value to you, and so you will never be satisfied.    
   The greatest gift of all is yours by birthright. It is that of creating your own reality according to your beliefs about it. There are no true limitations to the self. Except of course, those believed in and accepted out of ignorance. To achieve greatness in your life, you must expand yourself intuitively and intellectually. (And yes, this includes those of you who consider yourself “entrepreneurial professionals;” in whatever “capacity.”)
   There is no reason personal growth and development must be painful or difficult, change must be threatening, or progress must be marked with pain. Why are there so few who are willing to learn through joy? Learn to be kind to yourself and to others as you move forward in your own life, little by little, becoming one with your own knowing.
Do not be afraid to confront that which you may find within your own perceptions as you explore the concept of self-discovery, even if it is painful or difficult at times. Living your life with fear in your heart is not only counterproductive  in making reasonable choices on personal issues, it very much tends to increase the presence of itself in your life even more.
   If you can find a way to transcend your fear, you will find that life does indeed have something quite wonderful to teach you…

~ Charles Stewart

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