Let’s face it, there are of course verifiable mlm/network marketers out there right now, who are bringing in “substantial incomes.” However, this article here is not concerning them. This article here is concerning those who are in the “majority” of those who are “sucked in” or “hyped in” with “amazing success stories.”

  After the first few weeks, (or however long it takes) when the “emotional excitement” fades, what do we have left? What we have left is the “reality” of “work,” or what could best be described as that which “is necessary to build a business;” or ANY Business.

   From a “marketing standpoint,” the best of the best at this “strategy,” know “all too well” what happens often after the “honeymoon is over.” Another way to express this is; they know all too well, what often happens when the “reality” of “hard work” sets in. These “best of the best” know they have to get you to respond quickly with your money, BEFORE all this happens. For some; this is even “factored in” as a “funded proposal,” or that which “gets a little money” from those who will not go on to make “full purchases.”

   As cruel as this may sound, if you are someone who is lazy, or who is afraid of hard work, then mlm/network marketing is most likely NOT for you. However, NEITHER is any business you may go into for yourself.

   Still yet, consider this, almost everyone works very hard for the money they do make, at whatever job it is they have. Therefore, if you are not afraid to try at this business, and to get educated about what is actually needed to accomplish success, then why not consider this profession/industry for yourself? The “payoff” is HUGE if you can make it work.

   There are many different legitimate companies with legitimate products. The challenge is to find one which can train you so that you can make it work. Quite often, the “learning curve” is so expensive (in more ways than one,) that it constantly drives away permanently, those who could be great at this business.

   There are no secrets here; it is more a matter of learning a few critical skills which will be necessary to achieve success.  First, you need to be able find people whose needs you can suit best and become a “problem solver” and “solutions provider” for them. As an example of this, consider; if you have an anti-aging skin product, your “best customers” are those that are ALREADY searching for a way to “help their skin,” and not those people you “just happen to talk with about it.”
    Next, you are going to need a way to generate leads from that “targeted group” of individuals; and this is where internet network marketing comes into play.  For example, by using some simple stuff like a blog and creating some basic content that would be of interest to your target market, you can absolutely go out and start to generate those leads from the most interested in what you have to offer.

   Finally, you need a way to convert those leads into retail sales of “downlines”  in your organization.  The real secret here is your ability to be able to write something compelling that will entice your target market to take some kind of action, whether that is to buy your “product” or to join your “opportunity.”

   So, really the only secret here is that you need to develop some “skills, and learn a system to “flesh-out” those details of how to “build your business.” Take heart though, for even if you do not know how to do this, by finding the “right opportunity,” you will get access to all that is necessary to help YOU succeed at this business for yourself.

   It really boils down to something very simple; do you want to work as hard as you do for “someone else,” or “for yourself?” And finally, depending upon your choice of action; what will each one end up providing you with in your life “at the end?”

Charles Stewart

firstcharlesstewart (Skype)

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