Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was a very special place which was told to hold the answers to all of life’s mysteries. The problem was that they were in a “special book” high atop the world’s greatest mountain.

Legend has it that there are many fierce warriors along the very long and arduous journey to the top of this great mountain (which almost takes an entire lifetime to climb.) The warriors are all at different levels along the way, and each in turn is afraid for themselves to look upon this very great book with the answers to all of life’s greatest questions; for the power it held scared them.

This great book is said to have the identity of the one “who has all the answers.” It has been said that once this “secret power” has been unleashed, that it will forever change the world for the better. However, no one wants this power to fall into the wrong hands; so they protect it.

One day, there is a young person who is not afraid to take up the task at hand; to go forth and challenge the old warriors who safe guard this great secret for all of humankind. Before the young person begins upon their journey, there are many different “wise old masters” who each in turn, teaches this young person all that they know to aid them in their quest.

Eventually, one day, the training is completed; not because there are no more “teachers” to guide them, but because the now more mature individual “knows” within them self that they are “ready.” At this point, the now more mature person is not so young anymore, however, the individual senses something within them, that is great, and this is the way perceived to “express it.”

As the journey “up the mountain” starts, one-by-one, the warriors are defeated. Not because they are killed, but because they are “worn down,” as this amazing individual “uses” the warriors energy “against them,” without causing them “damage” or “real harm.” They simply have no more fight left in them; and so the individual continues on their journey “up the mountain.”

Eventually, as the final warrior is “defeated,” the now very old individual climbs over the last “hurdle” and sees the great book of wisdom. As it sets in all its majesty, glowing from within, the successful individual goes over and picks up the great book of all the answers in the universe, and with the identity of the one who has all the answers. As the pages open up, she sees her reflection in a mirror…

To this day, legends tells of a great person who was not afraid to labor for their life-long goals and share the results of their wisdom with the world in a way which changed it forever…

Does this story suggest anything to you???

~ Charles Stewart

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