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The “6th pillar” of a successful and competent mlm/network marketing company is when a company places the “best interests” of the distributors ahead of the company’s, especially when the “compounded effects” of product sales start to “kick-into high gear” and generate massive profits for the mlm/network marketing company. This “new paradigm” IS in the company’s”best interests”; at least for those with the leadership vision to see the wisdom in this.

The “old business model” was to increase “luxury spending”; limousines, bigger office buildings, corporate jets, extravagant living, etc. The “new business model” is where all that “corporate fat” is instead focused upon packing resources into the distributor’s compensation pay plan; this is the new paradigm evolving in the mlm/network marketing industry for those companies who will be the most successful in the new millennium.

These “next-generation” companies will never affiliate with becoming publicly traded companies. The reason is very simple; publicly traded companies march to the beat of the shareholders drum, not the distributors. This would be a very costly mistake in the long-run, for it is actually the distributors who are “out in the trenches” driving and building the product sales which are at the very heart of success in any mlm/network marketing company.

Only a company with top-level leadership that has had the life-experiences of the “old business model,” will have the “experience” to successfully and competently lead the long-range success of the “new business model” mlm/network marketing company. These type of companies will be the ones who “own the future” in this amazing industry. Soon gone, are the days of those “non-optimized” mlm/network marketing companies who actually TAKE money out of pay plan as they grow in volume; of course this will take some time to see, however, the “signs” are there if you choose to perceive them…

Experienced distributors in this industry are quite intelligent enough to appreciate the wisdom in becoming involved with a mlm/network marketing company whose “business model” is in it for the “long-haul.” After all, the “promise” of this most amazing industry/profession is the very real accomplishment of life-long residual income; for how else can you take care of not only your own, but of your children’s and grandchildren’s financial futures as well?

Charles Stewart
firstcharlesstewart (Skype)

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