For purposes of this post, a “belief system” could be described as that which the individual “lives their life by,” or to say this another way, a “belief system” is that which is perceived and interpreted by the particular individual as “reality.”   

Every single human being has their own ideas of “what life is all about.” Even if they “borrow” their “belief system” from “another,” they will still have their own particular perception and interpretation of the matter.

One earth; over 6 billion belief systems… Which one is right? Which one is wrong?

What if “reality” was what we make it? What if we all found out (after our life was over) that in the “larger picture,” that there was truly no “judgment” at this level of existence?

What if (in the “larger picture”) there was just “life experience” and how we perceived and interpreted it was what made it “positive” or “negative?”

Of course it goes without saying that there are indeed “bad people” or “evil people” in the world doing “bad things” or “evil things” to others; right?

However, what if what was actually going on was that these “bad or evil people” were just simply “misdirecting their own creativity?” To continue; what if they were “misdirecting their creativity” from within their own “distorted perceptions and interpretations” brought about by their own “fear?” Except in these cases, they most surely would not perceive the matter in this way; quite the contrary, from their “perspective” they would have “matters under control,” or see themselves as “being true to their version of reality.”

The point of all this is to get you to consider this matter differently than you may have before. Of course, it is a given that due to the differences in “soul-age” on our planet, that there will be of course those souls who “must” perceive and interpret others as being so different from themselves that they can treat them in any manner they wish, and without any recourse or accountability for whatever choice of action they choose to take or bring against another. (I do not mean this in a good way.)

At the same time, there will be those souls whose “age” will “remind them” of the “lessons they have already learned” ; and to not “pass judgment” onto those who still find themselves “needing” these “difficult life experiences.”

Perhaps it could be stated best as to say that each individual on the planet must “find their own way” and learn the lessons that this teaches them “beyond the parameters of their physical lifetime;” while still learning “here” as well.

To live your life in concert with what you perceive and interpret to be true is also perhaps one of the greatest things you can do with your life. The way in which this is done is to find that which “resonates” to that which is “deep within you,” and to realize that this can “change” as you “grow and develop” throughout your life.

In a manner of speaking, this is like the “genius artist” who is in a “state of becoming;” and any “mistakes” or “errors” are all perceived and interpreted “in this light.”

I will bring this communication to an end with a recent post I put on my FaceBook profile page which got quite a level of response;

What is a belief? It is that which it reinforced by your imagination and emotion. Your beliefs structure the reality you perceive. They then convince you of their “rightness” or “correctness” through the experiences you find yourself having. However, which actually comes first? The experiences or the beliefs?  And, does this suggest anything to you?

~ Charles Stewart

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