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One can always benefit from reviewing valuable information about what to look out for in this amazing industry/profession.

If you will recall, the “3rd Pillar” is concerned with the actual product(s) themselves. Yes, there are many companies out there with awesome products, however, sometimes, the pricing of the product actually drives recruiting only and not retailing product with the accompanying recruiting.

In the case of “recruting only,” we always have to watch out for “pyramid schemes.” Make no mistake about it, these are out there and doing business everyday online. It is illegal, and if it catches up with you, you will be held legally responsible in a court of law; whatever that may mean for you personally.

The problem is that most people are not aware they are involved with a “pyramid scheme;” however, in a court of law, ignorance is no excuse. Complicating matters further is the fact that many often do make huge sumes of money very quickly at these sort of illegal businesses.

 Once again, the “3rd Pillar” of a good and competent mlm/network marketing company is the product(s) themselves. Are they “value priced” so that the distributors can actually retail product? Or, are they priced so high that they drive recruiting, recruiting, recruiting; with a heavy hand at “needing the business opportunity” to “sell” product? Often this is simply because of the company’s excessively high “overhead costs.” Again, be careful of this latter one, lest you fall into an “illegal pyramid scheme.”

You’ve got to ask yourself if the company you are with, (or considering,) actually has a product which can be retailed. One way to do this is to ask yourself “would you buy this product if there was NOT a business opportunity attached to it?” If the answer to either one, or both, of these questions is NO, congratulations! You’ve just identified yourself a “illegal pyramid scheme.” This is great information to have if you don’t want the federal government one day to “shut you down,” or “take away” all that you’ve built; of course with much more in the way of “harsher consequences” still to come…

In all honesty, sometimes this “line” becomes “very blurred.” Take the example of a company with “overhead costs” so high that the price of the product effectively prohibits retailing. In this case, the “business model” actually drives recruiting, recruiting, recruiting; except there is no retailing of product going on here, and you remember what that means… Here, the distributors never pay retail for their product, they always buy wholesale; that’s the “hook” for the “business opportunity.”

In other cases, the “product” IS the “business opportunity;” but be very careful here, and for the reason already mentioned.

Publicly traded companies, corporate jets, huge “assets,” corporate “luxuries,” and not using technology fully, all add up to overhead costs which effectively drive the cost of “product” into the “business opportunity focus.” Whether it is “front end loading” distributors with the “necessary materials,” or “what-have-you;” the “signs” are all there…

Quality products which are competitively priced, and the companies which use distributors to market them, instead of paying huge amounts of money to company advertising, and celebrities or professional athletes to endorse, are the way to go. The savings to the company in lower overhead costs can then be directly passed on to the distributors.

In the end, if your company’s product is a “legitimate one,” which is of good quality, competitively priced, and the company’s compensation plan pays such that part-timers can make real income, then you’re probably safe here with pillar #3. Now, if your company has all the other 5 pillars operating, then you’ve found the opportunity you’ve been looking for your entire life; stay with it, and enjoy a future of financial freedom and owning your life that you cannot possibly imagine…

Charles Stewart
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