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Here is a question which was posed to me long ago, and which is actually in my first soon-to-be released book entitled “What Is This Life For? (Remember my disclaimer!)

You once talked about a framework of belief beyond that which encompasses good, evil, heaven, hell, the devil, and god; how is this possible? I mean really, if there is no god, or heaven and hell, what is it that stops anyone from doing anything they want, to anyone they want, without any responsibility or accountability to god?

That is a very good question, and I will do my best to answer it. However, I should also tell you that a “full answer” is perhaps beyond the scope of this publication; as the nature of your question reveals, I must first establish a “foundational understanding” before I pursue more “advanced” studies. In my book of Integral Resolutions volume 2; the Evolution of the Human Soul, I will “pull out all the stops.”

In life, there are those souls who know or believe in god, the devil, and heaven and hell. These “belief frameworks” are all very real, as they are indeed a reality for those who experience them; however, they are not the “entire story.”

Within the “larger picture,” there does indeed come a time in the soul’s evolution when it will “outgrow” these “frameworks;” or the “need” for them. This does not mean these souls are then without “inner direction,” “inner responsibility,” and “inner accountability;” although of course this could happen, even as true believers in God are sometimes “very bad.”

When a soul chooses to no longer believe in the old framework of “heaven and hell,” this is not the same thing as being atheist or agnostic -although this could apply of course- but rather, it is that which “transcends” all of this.

I would argue my case that often times these souls are more responsible, more accountable, and more spiritual, than their “counterparts.” Think about this for a moment; how many times have you learned of something terrible being done from one human being to another, and at the heart of it, there were “religious reasons” for their being “morally justified” in taking away the life choices of other human beings, by physically harming them in inhumane ways?

The “religious morals” gave them “permission” to feel justified in their actions against others; even when it takes away the right for other souls to choose for themselves. In these cases, the “external authority” or “agency” -by whatever name- took responsibility and accountability for their actions. The responsible individuals abdicated their own responsibility and accountability for their choices of action, by placing this external to themselves, in the “external authority” or “agency;” whatever its name.

On the other hand, there are those souls who have “grown beyond” these “belief frameworks;” as they operate more from an “ethics stance” than a “moralistic one.” You see, personal ethics imply a personal accountability and personal responsibility, brought about by personal choices.

Following these same individuals, there is no “external authority” or “external agency” to absolve them from the accountability and responsibility for their choices, and the actions which come about as a result of these. There is usually, almost without fail, a very strong sense of “personal ethos” with the world around them; no matter what their “spiritual beliefs” may or may not be.

In ways I am unable to explain in this publication, they “know” they have to “answer” to a “larger and eternal part of themselves,” for their life actions brought about by their choices during the lifetime; in these cases here, to be “forgiven for their transgressions” against humanity does not figure in this way.

There comes a “point in the soul’s evolution” where they begin to perceive “beyond” simple stories of beginnings and endings, heaven and hell, or good and evil. When this occurs, they still “know” these “belief frameworks” serve a purpose for others; as they once did for them.

By the way, for those who wonder about such a thing, none of this is felt as any loss or pain. Quite the contrary, it is perceived and felt as more of a triumph of love over fear. This “process” is never “finished,” as it is an endless evolutionary process where awareness of self and it’s part in all that surrounds it, continually grows, expands, and develops, as the love within becomes stronger and stronger…

Until next time,

Charles Stewart

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