This blog site category will indeed cover material which is “beyond the scope” of “simple stories” of beginnings and endings, heaven and hell, or good and evil.

This material is not meant to upset you in any way whatsoever. If it does, it will be because of your own “perception and interpretation” of the matter; not, how I intended it.

I am attempting to “stretch” your intuitive and intellectual minds beyond that which you may presently know and understand. The reason for this is quite simply to get you to “push out” those “boundaries” you find yourself living your life with; which surround you like “fences.”

When one realizes the ideas they have in their head represent the “boundaries” of their own “potential,” it becomes possible to “expand these limitations.”

For example, orthodox religion asks the followers of their tenets to accept them blindly on the provision that they are never in any way doubted or questioned; as in the cases where these individuals never ever ask of themselves about the demands they ask of themselves in following their tenets, or, the results of the demands they place upon themselves.

I am not saying they should not find merit in what they believe in, I am saying they should make their religion fit them, instead of the other way around. This is not blasphemous; although there are those who will disagree.

The true nature of the human soul “requires” that the individual constantly be “evolving.” This simply means that there will always come a point where the soul will reach “growth limitations” of the particular “belief system” they find themselves within.

Of course some souls will not perceive it in this manner at all; for they will “argue” that their “beliefs” are not at all “beliefs,” but instead, that they are “reality.” Until this level of perceptual understanding occurs, there is still much learning ahead for these souls; there is absolutely nothing wrong in this by the way.

I should also clarify that when one “outgrows” their “present belief system,” it is not that which is felt as pain or loss; quite the contrary, it is that which is perceived and felt as “love becoming stronger over fear.”

Every single human soul on the planet learns their lessons through the personal choices they make on a daily basis throughout their life, and the “dealing with” or “not dealing with” of the consequences or ramifications. What is “true” for one soul is not at all necessarily “true” for another, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with this.

However, there is using the unlimited “creativity” you have within you in “positive and constructive ways,” and then there is the “alternative,” isn’t there?

Until next time,

~ Charles Stewart

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