Have you ever really given serious thought to how much your life could dramatically change for the better through the compounded effects of recurring or residual income over time?

Let me tell you about the secret income of multi-millionaires; it’s called “royalty income,” or “residual income.” There are two types of income in the world today, but only one will give you freedom. Only one will let you ”own your life.”

Linear income is not the secret income of multi-millionaires. Linear income is when you trade your time for money. Most people have to work very hard for their living; if you don’t work, you don’t get paid. If you work any job for minimum wage, when you stop working, the pay stops. Even when a professional such as a Doctor or Lawyer stops working, the pay stops.

While some professionals make very good money indeed, they have no time; all their “waking hours” are used up making that very good professional income. These professionals, as well as the “wage earners,” do not “own their lives.”

Royalty income or residual income is very different. The secret to creating true wealth is in creating this type of income. This is where you do the work one time correctly, and you continue to get paid over and over again for that work you did.

Professional athletes, professional musicians, professional authors, professional actors, you name it; they all have the potential to sign contracts for “endorsements” which pay them very well for their “one-time service.”

Now most of us are not in the position to sign huge endorsement contracts to collect on this “royalty income.” However, what we all can do is to get involved with one of the most amazing industries there are; MLM/Network Marketing. In this industry, when you do the work right the first time, you continue to collect on this effort over and over again throughout your life.

The wealth you can create in this industry is almost beyond comprehension; you quite literally have to “re-program yourself” to begin to even understand its realistic potential. And, this is not even the best part; you actually get to the point where you “own your life.” What I am meaning by this is that you can do whatever you want to do, with whoever you want, and whenever you want to go in the world.

You can wake up when you are finished sleeping (instead of an alarm clock,) you can spend more quality time with your children and family, in fact, you never have to ask anyone for the “time off” or for the “vacation pay.” With this mlm/network marketing industry, you can continually collect mailbox checks for work you did in the past, while you continue to “build even more residual connections.”

Of course this industry’s success does not come overnight. It is not a “get rich quick scheme.” It does indeed take work, sometimes very hard work, and it does indeed take time; you almost have to get in the mindset of “delayed gratification.” However, when the success comes, it can literally alter the course of your life forever. There is no going back; the freedom, the money, the lifestyle; once you attain it, you’ll find ways to “give back” to this most amazing industry…

Charles Stewart

firstcharlesstewart (Skype)

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